About Us

Fenster & Panel specialises in the supply and installation of high performance structural components for sustainable, energy efficient buildings. We provide complete structural build packages as well as assistance with design, engineering, installation and project management.

The Fenster & Panel team has many years of building experience, both in Australia and internationally.  We are qualified to provide expert advice regarding our materials for your building project, with the technical and labour capacity and skill to carry your project through to completion.

Fenster & Panel partner with various local and international manufacturers to supply and customise all of our products to suit your requirements, locality and budget.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are happy to discuss your project, regardless of location, both in Australia and internationally.

The Fenster & Panel advantage

By engaging the Fenster & Panel team to provide you with structural panels for your project, you can do so with confidence that:

  • Our panels are only supplied and manufactured using the world’s leading panel companies, all of whom export to multiple companies and have unparalleled experience in their field;
  • All our SIPs suppliers are SIPA members;
  • We are SIPA members with extensive experience supplying, installing and making panel projects a success all over the world;
  • We only supply and install (guaranteeing our product and workmanship for 20 years);
  • We are not the biggest structural panel company, but rather have a reputation for dealing with large, difficult or logistically challenging projects, and for assisting clients and builders to rectify our competitor’s work;
  • In most cases, our projects end up with no or less steel, no additional bracing and are easier to construct, engineer and certify;
  • We provide engineering certification and review on every project from an experienced structural panel engineer who knows and understands structural panels and works to maximise the product’s capacity, reduce steel and other structural requirements, whilst making the building perform more efficiently thermally and structurally; and
  • We can turn around panel packages in most cases to work with client’s requirements.