Technical links


Structural Insulated Panel Association (USA) – North American industry association for SIPs designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers

Panelwrights LLC – highly experienced USA SIPs designers and technical consultants

A Cobb & Associates – a team of highly experienced SIPs distributors

Passiv Haus Australia – network of European specialists in Australia

KLH – leading manufacturer of engineered timber products, world wide

Stora Enso – world leading CLT manufacturer


Our suppliers are all highly experienced designers and manufacturers, based in the USA and Europe.   Their sites will also provide you with detailed technical specifications and information on SIPs and CLT.

Extreme Panel Technologies LLC




Premier SIPs


Stora Enso


Orientated Strand Board (OSB) Ply – technical information on Norbord OSB ply

Trufast – SIPs fasteners

Neopor – foam insulation

Reinke Shakes – roofing shingles

Surface – recycled and reclaimed timber

Cascade Joinery – engineered timber

XLam NZ – CLT precast stair

SIPs technical information

Life cycle analysis

Airtight building – Blower door test

CLT technical information

Cross laminated timber

CLT – Australian Timber database

Forte – Melbourne CLT building by Lend Lease

CLT interview by ABC Landline