To prefabricate or not to prefabricate

Structural panels, be it SIPs or CLT are a great choice for a building material. And with that choice, comes some options for your panels. Blank panels, fabricated offsite, CNC cut or fully fabricated. Of these available options, some are better suited to some projects than others.

Blank panels

These panels are manufactured to sizes appropriate to the project and delivered as is. No rebating, timber inserts or cutting has occurred with these panels. All this work is done onsite during the construction of the structure. These panels are used on projects that are small and are simple in their construction, otherwise it can become too labour intensive.

Fabricated offsite

Offsite fabrication is the next level up from blank panels. The panels are manufactured to size for the project, then delivered to our facility where the fabrication takes place. The Fenster & Panel team will cut each panel to size and make the necessary preparations to the panels, ready for assembly onsite. This option is useful if there is a complex component of the structure or on a smaller project.

CNC cut

Panels can arrive to site, cut to size, ready to have the pre-installation of rebating and additional timbers for construction. CNC cut is via a machine with a laser guided cutter, which reads the panel layout drawings and cuts each panel to the precise size. This reduces the labour required to cut and prepare the panels prior to installation, and ensures that there is no panel wastage on site. Offcuts of panel can be reused through the manufactures recycling process.

Full fabrication

Fully prefabricated panels are delivered to site ready to be installed. No cutting, adding timber, rebating, etc is required on these panels. Once they arrive, the team can install them immediately. This is by far the fastest method to install a panel and requires the least amount of pre installation and onsite labour.

When reviewing a project and its budget, the Fenster & Panel team considers a number of factors, including panel fabrication and presents the best option to fit the project.

The Fenster & Panel team is happy discuss fabrication options and your project more broadly, after reviewing your plans.

Contact us today and we can provide you with panel options for your project.