Otway Ranges

Otway Ranges

Nestled at the foot of the Otway Ranges, our client was after a small cabin for seasonal housing on their vineyard.

With an outlook to the vines, our clients wanted to take advantage of the unique view.

The Otway Ranges can have a unforgiving climate, battling high summer temperatures, and bitterly cold winters, our clients wanted their cabin to be energy efficient, withstand the strong ocean winds, be low maintenance and comfortable.

Our clients opted to build with structural insulated panels for their thermal properties, speed of construction, sealed internal air environment (vermin proof) and cost.

The panels for this project were installed over a weekend on to a prepared subfloor. At the end of the second day, the house was watertight with fixed roofing, wall wrap and windows installed and sealed. The client then proceeded to complete the project at their leisure with the building protected from the elements.